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Ikoo Wraps

The ikoo Thermal Treatment Wraps work to protect, detox, and hydrate your hair, helping lessen the harmful effects of everyday influences. The ikoo formulas gently and deeply maintains healthy hair structure and regenerates damaged roots and ends while also revitalising the scalp. Through the dispersion of warmth as well as the infusion of lavender, cedarwood, and basil essential oils, the hair wrap helps to penetrate deep into the hair to prolong health and hair colour. An easy professional salon treatment at home – recommended for all hair types.

The thermal function of the Thermal Treatment Wraps ensure a better active ingredient transfer into the hair structure. Afterwards all it takes is a quick rinse of your hair and style as usual. The application is so easy! The Thermal Treatment Wrap is suitable for any hair structure and offers a professional intensive treatment at home in just 20 minutes!